Are there any other added fees that I need to be aware of?

Most quotes that you will get from photographers will NOT include taxes. All my quotes are bottom line numbers. Tax is included. No additional 8% surprise later on. Travel fees only get added for wedding venues 40+ miles outside of Philly center which I clear state during our initial consults.

Why don't you include a 2nd photographer?

I always give recommendations of whether or not a 2nd photographer would be beneficial. You have the option to add a 2nd photographer to your coverage, but I won’t force it on you. A 2nd photographer provides additional perspectives and gives more shots at snapping that favorite candid shot of you and your partner or capturing all the fun that your guests are having. But in lots of cases one photographer is all you need and helps keep your budget in line.

I keep hearing from friends that I'll need to get permits for photos. How do I know whether thats the case or not?

That is one of the many things that I will guide you through. There are some locations in Philly that require permits but plenty of spots that you dont. If any of the locations that you hope to use for your wedding day or engagement photos require permits, I will confirm that and complete all the paperwork that is required. Any costs getting passed along to you. But like I mentioned, I can recommend plenty of locations that work well and don't require permits at all.

What is your style of photography?

Congrats...you asked the infamous question that Google tells you to ask all your photographers. The one thing that I'll tell you when you ask me that is that I try my best to avoid being intrusive during the times when you just want to enjoy yourself. I'll capture as much as I can naturally and avoid the "stop and smile" requests as much as possible. We will have our time to do some posed shots with your wedding party and family but when it comes to the reception, I try to capture the fun without being in the action. I'm never going to be standing in the middle of the dance floor getting in people's faces. I'll be on the outskirts of the action. If you want me to come up with a catchy buzzword for my style....Ninja efficient?

Just look at my portfolio and it'll speak for itself.

What sets you apart from some of these other photographers?

Well I'm glad you asked. Two things I try to differentiate myself from others. One is that I wont just give you all of the edited shots (800+) but I will also give you all of my originals as well (+/-3000 for myself and an additional +/-1500 with a 2nd photographer). You'll definitely get some pretty crappy photos in there, but I dont want to accidentally leave out any photos that might have even an ounce of value to you. The other thing that I try to do differently than other photographers is that I open up all download capabilities on your client gallery. I share your link and pin number and anyone you share that link with will have the ability to download as many photos as they want for free. I do not force people to purchase downloads just to get access to them. I have a marketplace built in where they can purchase professional prints or any fine art pieces, but if they just want to download a photo or two or fifty, they will be able to do that for free.

How involved can I get with the creativity side of things? I have some ideas.

Some couples have a bunch of ideas and even examples of photos that they hope to do for themselves. One thing I do from the start is create a private Pinterest board for us. A place that you can share photo examples with me or where I can see styles that you prefer. If you have any input for me, I will always listen and try my best to accommodate. Some couples have no opinions or ideas and leave the board unused. Its completely optional. I always come to weddings with plenty of ideas and plans for poses. I just like keeping the communication lines open through the planning process. I wont insist the idea to come from me or say that it steps on my artistic integrity. I want to get the photos that you want.

What happens if you are really sick and can't make it to the wedding?

I have even (not too proudly) worked a wedding on my wife's due date with our first child. In a situation where I'm in a hospital and can't physically make it, I have access to other professional photographers in the area and would work swiftly to make sure your wedding day is covered. I take great pride in satisfying all my couples and no matter what gets thrown in the way, I will try my best to make sure you're happy in the end. And dont worry, there are no plans for a third child.

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